Javascript — Object Destructuring

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In this article, I will explain object destructuring using pure Javascript and provide some examples of how I use it in my react project

How to use it with pure Javascript

  1. basic extract

The basic use of destructuring is to us {} to extract one or more properties from your object. The below example shows that you can extract and create a string variable with the same property name.

2. default value

If the destructed object don’t have the properties value, you can assign a default value, otherwise, it will return undefined. However, by assigning it with a value, it will not change your original object

3. Alias

If you want to extract property and give it a different name, you can use : to create an alias of it. Again, this will not change your original object.

4. Nested Object

Another popular way to use it is to extract a nested object, below example you can see that although currentRanking is in the nested layer, we can still extract is as a string

5. Rest Object

Combine it with rest syntax, you can extract multiple properties as an object variable.

Rest parameter and spread syntax:

How I use it in my project

  1. Use in React Props

one of the common uses I find out is using it to pass in react props.

Let’s use this codeSandbox to explain the behavior:

In parent component ./WeatheraApp.js, with conditional rendering, I am passing some props down to ./WeatherCard.js and ./WeatherSetting.js.

Let's first check what happens in weather cards, when passing in props if you check it on console.log, you can see it’s passing in a props object with below properties

props: {

Hence, in weatherCard we can extract these properties

In weatherSetting, we extract it when sending it over as a parameter, hence in weatherSetting function we can use cityName directly





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